Element3 Health promotes the proven combination of physical, mental, and social activity to improve the health and wellness of 50-plus adults. The company’s GroupWorks club engagement platform is the most comprehensive group activity management solution for this population, and the foundation for thousands of clubs across the country ranging from tennis to sewing.

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Our GroupWorks platform was designed to help get mature adults socially, mentally and physically active. Historically, we have served 50+ enthusiasts who share a passion for social-recreational activities ranging from bird-watching to quilting to swimming. Our platform has grown to include all age demographics, providing member engagement through features such as:

  • Member communication tools
  • Tailored, curated content
  • Gated photo and experience sharing
  • Events management (scheduling, tracking, polling, dues)
  • Reporting


Members can join for free and opt into assessments that track social engagement and activity levels, providing a vehicle to monitor and benchmark active adults.

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[obira_section_title section_title=”How It Works” section_content=”By “gamifying” the solution, Element3 Health’s GroupWorks platform encourages social, mental and physical activity among groups of like-minded enthusiasts.” open_link=”true” section_max_width=”630″]
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Measure Activity

Using a proprietary system, Element3 Health’s algorithm ranks and quantifies the physical, social and mental benefits of various activities. By scoring these elements separately, Element3 Health is able to help individuals and groups keep track of their activity levels.

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Report Activity

Keeping track of physical, social and mental activity both online and offline, Element3 Health is able to summarize and report activity at the national, group and individual levels, allowing payers to create benchmarks and compare individual members and clubs to other members and clubs.

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Increase Activity

The Element3 Health GroupWorks platform increases individual and group activity by making it easier for groups to meet, communicate, pay dues and connect with sponsors. Original content on the GroupWorks blog and curated content channels give members the information and motivation to explore their passions. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, freeing group members up to do more of what they love. And through a Leaderboard, individuals are able to keep track of their own activity levels and encourage increased participation among their fellow group members. This friendly competition encourages member participation and helps build a sense of community for the groups.

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