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Element3 Health Reports Social and Mental Activity are as Important as Physical Activity


DENVER, Sept. 17 – Denver-based Element3 Health addresses not one, but three critical interlocking determinants of good health – social engagement, mental stimulation and physical activity – for mature Americans. The company is advocating for awareness of the important role social and mental engagement, along with physical activities, play in overall health. Additionally, through its well-established platform, GroupWorks, Element3 Health is offering solutions to catalyze activity that integrate these three areas and go well beyond the gym toward optimal health.

The lack of social engagement (loneliness), physical inactivity and cognitive decline among mature adults costs the healthcare system upwards of $75B*. But most activity-based offerings for adults focus on promoting physical pursuits, while few address the critical impact that programs encompassing social and mental activity can have on positive health outcomes.

“Our mission is to conquer adult inactivity, by building a support system that recognizes, incentivizes and rewards people for engaging in not only physical recreation, but also mental and social activities that cumulatively correlate to good health,” said David Norris, Chairman and CEO, Element3 Health. “We are taking a holistic approach to wellness by addressing all three elements of health and have created innovative solutions to help lower healthcare costs by helping Americans obtain complete health.”

Element3 Health’s GroupWorks is a powerful platform to help adults go beyond the gym toward greater overall health.  It is designed to encourage mental and social activity alongside physical activity among adults.  GroupWorks is an engagement platform that thousands of clubs across the country utilize to keep their members socially, mentally, and physically active through participation in club activities.

Element3 Health is integrating GroupWorks with health plans, health systems, and other healthcare companies to better engage the 50-plus population, as well as advocating for policy changes and awareness around the importance of integrating physical, mental and social activity as the model for optimal health and wellness among adults.

“GroupWorks represents our vision for how life can be experienced, enjoyed, strengthened and potentially lengthened through active participation in passions and improved physical, mental and social activity,” added Spencer Morgan, Founder and Chief Community Officer. “It also leads to the cultivation of valuable social relationships creating validation and recognition among like-minded peers.”

Through advocacy and the GroupWorks platform, Element3 Health aims to elevate awareness of the importance of the three elements for holistic health and to take action to make a meaningful difference in the lives of active adults.

About Element3 Health

Element3 Health addresses the proven combination of physical, mental, and social activity to improve the health and wellness among 50-plus adults through an activity-based model.  The company’s GroupWorks club engagement platform is the nation’s most comprehensive group activity management solution for this population, and the foundation for thousands of clubs across the country ranging from tennis to sewing.  Leveraging the GroupWorks platform, Element3 Health works to build a support system for the encouragement of physical, mental and social activity among mature adults by developing solutions and conducting advocacy work with health plans, health systems, and policymakers.


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