For Payers

For payers, improving the health of 50 to 64-year-olds is critical to maintaining profitability. Element3 Health offers health plans the ability to engage in meaningful preventative health, addressing issues that lead to costly health problems as people age.

In the crowded Medicare Advantage (MA) marketplace, value is particularly significant. Element3 Health adds value to payer plans by serving as a unique differentiator: In addition to getting active adults active physically, socially and mentally, Element3 Health provides an offering that attracts members to health plans and promotes payer loyalty.

These happier customers can improve health plans’ Medicare Advantage star ratings. According to several industry studies, the majority of MA health plans earn poor star ratings and performance scores. A plan that offers Element3 Health’s signature product, GroupWorks, is a plan that engages seniors around their passions. The result is a higher customer satisfaction rating — a difference that can help a health plan stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

What Is GroupWorks?

Element3 Health’s GroupWorks platform is an activity club management system specifically designed to serve age 50+ enthusiasts who share a passion for social-recreational activities ranging from tennis to RV’ing to cycling. The platform provides member engagement features such as streamlined member communication tools, photo and experience sharing, tightly curated content, virtual and physical event scheduling, participation tracking, polling and much more. GroupWorks’ club management functionality includes secure payments, member management, event management and reporting. This platform assesses, measures and tracks social engagement and activity levels, providing an important mechanism for monitoring social, physical and mental engagement of 50+ adults.

For payers, Element3 Health’s GroupWorks platform is easy to implement in 3 simple steps:


1. Survey Members’ Passions

Element3 Health first surveys the payer’s members, to get a short list of individuals’ interests.


2. Match Members to Clubs

Using a sophisticated matching engine, Element3 Health analyzes each member’s passions, location, and demographics – and matches members with appropriate clubs in their area.


3. Invite Members to Join

Once members have been matched to just the right clubs, they receive personal invitations from the president of each club. This personal touch encourages member participation and helps build a sense of community for the groups.

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Element3 Health provides an offering that attracts members to health plans and promotes payer loyalty.