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Exciting news! We have joined forces with Element3 Health to bring you the Club Reimbursement Program, a fantastic Medicare Advantage benefit that rewards clubs for eligible member activity. By participating in this program, our club can establish a sustainable revenue stream to cover member dues and club expenses.

We have an exclusive offer just for our members aged 65+! Register by July 31st, and as a special bonus, Element3 will send you an Amazon gift card to celebrate your club membership. In addition, every 65+ member who enrolls not only enjoys the benefits but also helps us generate funds to improve and enhance the club, ensuring an even more extraordinary experience for everyone. Don’t wait any longer—join us today and discover the exciting benefits that await you!

  • Members will need their health plan ID to determine eligibility.
  • Members will receive an email from Element3 Health confirming if they are eligible to participate in the Club Reimbursement Program.


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