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With the Baby Boomer generation reaching its 70s, aging well has become a critical issue and a growing opportunity. As people age, their social network tends to shrink, their level of isolation grows, and their levels of physical, social, and mental activity drop. At GroupWorks, we want to change that by giving people a platform to pursue their passions together, both in person and online. GroupWorks is empowering active adults and their activity groups with online/mobile tools and a social media experience that connects them with fellow enthusiasts and celebrates the activities they’re passionate about. We make it easy to stay active, grow and maintain a social network, and reap the benefits of an active lifestyle in a safe and welcoming environment.

But all that takes work. We’re building a platform that’s approachable, easy to use, and streamlined for people who’d rather spend more time on their activities in the real world than hanging out online. We’re solving unique challenges around accessibility, user experience, and mobility that go well beyond copying the latest hot app. We even have to figure out how to use our technology to reach users who never go online, so that they don’t miss out on the opportunity to gather with their friends.

Who are we looking for?

Tackling these unique problems requires a unique team, and we’re looking for a Test Engineer who’s up to the challenge, someone who:

  • Passionate about finding the right solution, not just the easiest one, and willing to work and debate with other team members until we find it.
  • Loves breaking things (at least where software is concerned) and gets excited when they find new and unexpected ways to test a product.
  • Is curious about seeing things from the user’s point of view even when it differs from their own experience.
  • Hates doing the same thing twice and uses automation wherever they can to free up their time to test the really fun stuff.
  • Is serious about designing and building solid, scalable products that can rapidly grow to support millions of members.
  • Is uncompromising about surrounding themselves with people who challenge them and make them better.
  • Is humble, eager to keep learning, and able to laugh and have fun even when the pressure is on.

To do well here, you’ll need:

  • Solid experience with testing automation tools with defensible reasons for which ones are your favorites.
  • A proven track record in testing complex B2C and B2B applications, addressing both functional and usability concerns. You should have strong opinions about where automation helps and where it doesn’t.
  • PHP experience a plus (we’re moving away from it though).
  • Willingness to work in a pair programming and highly collaborative environment.
  • The ability to test creatively, looking for the dead ends and cul-de-sacs that inexperienced users could wander into.
  • Demonstrable experience working actively with development teams to build high-quality, industry-leading products and services.

Think this is you?

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