Bringing People Together


Element3 Health asks your members about their interests, then thoughtfully matches them with exciting and fun clubs near them that are filled with others who share those same passions.

Our matching process helps to alleviate the intimidation associated with meeting new people and joining new activities. The network is warm, fun and welcoming — and our way of introducing people to new clubs reflects that.

Powerful Possibilities

Element3 Health helps forward-thinking payers attract new members and improve satisfaction among current members through our network of clubs.

Powerful Impact

Our nationwide network of clubs enables your members to explore the activities that interest them most. This can improve their health and lower their risk of social isolation and inactivity.

Women playing pickleball

Keeping Up With Your Members

Reporting tools make it easy to track engagement and accurately measure progress.

Measure Activity

Progress report 1

Report Activity

Progress report 2

Increase Activity

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