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Physical Activity

The link between physical activity and health is well understood. What is harder to appreciate is why so many Americans remain sedentary. For some, inadequate levels of exercise is a result of injury or disability. For others, it’s a matter of timing and resources. At Element3 Health we seek to address the entire mosaic of barriers to exercise, getting people moving to the degree that they can and helping them to reduce their risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other chronic ailments.

A Medicare study found that by engaging in fitness programs and physical activity, individuals are able to reduce their annual spending by between $500 and $1,186. While gym memberships help get people moving, 80 percent of those eligible for free gym membership programs don’t take advantage of the benefit. For many of these people, GroupWorks offers the opportunity to engage in activities they love with like-minded adults. By tapping into people’s passions, Element3’s GroupWorks platform seeks to provide a more attractive alternative to the gym.

With clubs as varied as hiking and biking to pickleball and line-dancing, GroupWorks gives adults over the age of 50 access to physical activities that resonate with them. This increases activity levels while creating social networks – resulting in better health and reduced healthcare spending.

Physical Activity

5 of the Best Physical Activities for Senior Citizens

If you feel like you've lost your zest for life, perhaps it's time to get some more physical activity. As many of us know, exercise can provide several benefits, including increased energy levels and better sleep. Exercise also helps reduce anxiety while improving self-esteem. A recent study found that physical activity is even associated with improved brain health in seniors!…
Physical Activity

The Amazing Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

Healthy aging is essential for older adults to improve and maintain physical and mental health, and to enhance independence and quality of life. Older adults can achieve healthy aging by engaging in group activities for senior citizens like tai chi. According to, older adults with poor mobility should conduct physical activity at least three days a week to promote…