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Last updated 12/23/19

This document is for internal use by Aetna Call Center only.

The language below is scripted for call center agents speaking to members about the new benefit Aetna is offering.
Please end all calls with “To sign up or learn more, please check out the Element3 Health page for Aetna members.”

What Is Element 3 Health?

Aetna has partnered with Element3 Health to offer a free activity club matching service. Element3 Health has built a network of established and reputable activity clubs across the country. The service includes understanding your interests and matching you with a club in your area.

If you wish to participate, you can visit your Aetna portal for more information.

Does it cost money?

The matching service is free, but some clubs have membership fees or associated costs. The Element3 Health team will work to find a group that meets your needs and budget. For those clubs that do have membership dues, typical fees range from $15 to $60 per year.

How does the matching service work?

On the Element3 Health landing page, you can enter your interests, the level of activity you are comfortable with, as well as a few other questions, including your zip code. Element3 Health will then use that information to search their network of clubs. They will email you information about the club that best meets your criteria and if you’re interested, they will make an introduction to the group leader.

How do I know if the clubs are any good?

Element3 Health subjects all clubs to an extensive vetting process before they are eligible for matching.

Are these clubs age-appropriate?

All of the clubs in the Element3 Health Network are either open to all ages or are specifically oriented towards a 50+ demographic. They will work with you to find a group that you are comfortable with.

Where do the clubs meet?

Element3 Health will find a club that matches your interests and meets at a location convenient to you, based on the parameters you give them. As a general rule, they strive to place members in groups that are within a 5-mile radius of the member’s home.

Can I invite friends to join the club too, or is it just for Aetna members?

You are welcome to bring your friends. Element3 Health will advise on best practices.

I am not finding a group that meets my interest, what do I do?

On the landing page at the bottom of the list of interest types, there is a field labeled “Other.” This is where you can enter the type of club you are looking for, and Element3 Health will search for options that fit your interests.

Need more information?

Element3 Health is available to answer additional questions that you or an Aetna member may have.